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Our DBA Program is built with busy business professionals in mind.  We know life can be hectic, work at your  own pace and speed up or slow down  as time permits.  

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Offered 100% online, the Apollos DBA program makes extensive use of business research, case studies, and real-world business situations

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Maximum number of transfer credits

We accept transfer credits from most Universities. Fill out the form to find out if your credits can be transferred

Completing the DBA program at Apollos gave me the opportunity to refine research, communication, and collaboration skills alongside other professionals from numerous fields of expertise. The globally diverse Apollos family positively impacted my career and I look forward to helping others find the gateway to their future while serving as the Alumni Association President.

Sam Durbin

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

I don't know what the future looks like for me today, but I know that it will be a better future with an Apollos education.

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

John Smith

The DBA is a doctoral professional degree program in which the students master and demonstrate their business leadership expertise. The curriculum is designed in a way in which the students are able to develop an advanced appreciation and knowledge of the tools and processes needed to succeed as corporate leader within the global business arena.The DBA advances careers by developing strong corporate leaders with a proven background that leverages individual talent and experience.

Offered online, the program makes extensive use of business research, case studies, and real-world business situations. The capstone segment of the program is the Doctoral Business Project (dissertation). This project affords the student the opportunity to expand and demonstrate their knowledge within their professional area of expertise.

The Apollos DBA is designed as a 61 credit professional level doctoral degree program.